An homage to Eva Hesse, Agnes Martin, Gertrude Stein.


Tender Lines



There was a drawing, a drawing, not a drawing but paper with paper and marks.  Glue.  It was a drawing, shards, lines, a smudge to be not forgotten, it is forgotten.  A stack of dust.  A bunny, bunnies, dust and fur. 

A good drawing.

A title.  Act so that there is no use in a center.  Outskirts and towns.  White paper middle, shreds of a poster, a poster, a band poster, edges.  Was it The Cure and against meaning.  Was it.  This is not a question.  The cure a tincture and a title.  A cure for Eva.  When there is a library and a sculpture and a heavy blanket.  There is no wall.

Cherry and grass and coal, a line.  Was there a piece of tape.

Wax cheesecloth latex.  Motor oil dirt wallpaper posters.  Graphite linen oil.  Blood.  Sleep.  Blood and sleep.  Impermanence is permanent.

A drawing is a painting.  A drawing is not a painting.

A line.  A line.  Another line.  Another line.  A landscape.  The being of a horizontal line.  The being of many.  A distance.  A distance not shorter than New Mexico and longer than New York.  A distance no more significant or less material and more dream and less work.  There is a way to Agnes.  There is a way, it is not paint. 

Peripheral is in the center.



There is a channel, a line, a tender line, not witchcraft.  Craft is a meaning of a line that is implied.  Rye is implied.  Rye is chiaroscuro.  Rye is not a line.

A cloud.

Suppose there was a water, a water bank to draw on.  Suppose there is no water.  Suppose there is enough water.

Lavender bitters do not experience loss.  Lavender bitters are great talkers.

A cloud a cloud and graphite, toast.  Underlying perfection.  A life. 



There will be a stream, a gesture, a texture, grassy grass.  The grass is line the stream is line the gesture is line the texture is observed.  The stream is the gentle.  The gentle is the outline.  The outline is the truth.  The truth is a lawn chair.  The lawn chair is not broken.

A walking of a line a mowing of a line, these are not lines.  Not up lines.  These are flat lines.  These are lines that rest on the picture plane, the picture plain.  Shallow space.  Grass, very very short up lines.

In a space on a plane on the outskirts a fullness is emptied. 

You belong in the most secret part of you. 

In the shade a blanket a nap a painting.  Cool sweet dirt grass needle carpet.  Cool sweet dirt grass needle carpet, magic.  Cool sweet dirt grass needle carpet, magic, atmospheric perspective, and fade.




A book in the making:  Rabbit Week on the Slow Train